Top 6 Tips to Take Stunning Mountain Photography

Top Six Tips to Take Stunning Mountain Photography

Today, through our list of top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography, we will prepare you for your photographic journey of Nepal.

As an outsider, when you first think about Nepal, you think of the Himalayans. I think most of you first knew about this country through someone else’s stunning mountain photography. The Nepalese mountains are everywhere – from holiday postcards to surreal-looking billboards all over the world.

This country is one of those scarce places on the planet where everything is a masterpiece waiting to be immortalised through photos. But, the masterminds behind those mountain photos must have wandered through remote and secluded trails for months.

But, luckily for you, trekking in Nepal has become logistically as easy as it gets. You can trek through the most isolated trails in the morning, reach epic destinations by midday, and be back at your lodge for a slice of apple pie by evening. Still, we can’t change some things. For instance, an unpredictable weather pattern, dubious climate, and the sheer willpower to get to the destination.

Here, we have listed top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography to help you make your trip worthwhile and take photos of some of the best landscapes on earth.

Plan your location wisely

Just like we said above, Nepal is a very photogenic country. Everything from its people to culture to landscape is worthy of thousand photographs. Even more, you’ll get the best of it all on trekking routes. On average, a trail begins at 300 meters and rises to 5,400m. It gives photographers an ample theme variety. At times, you won’t even need our top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography. For instance, even during a 10-day trek, you will come across landscapes ranging from terraced rice fields and to fang-like mountains. A tip: wherever you plan to stay the night, choose a place with a rooftop terrace. That way, you won’t have to on a search for vantage points early in the morning.

Take light gear

Don’t ever forget, whatever you take with you will add up in your heavy backpack. Thus, it is incredibly crucial to take only right gears with you. You will be trekking several hours every single day to get that perfect shot of yours. Until and unless you are in a photo workshop or expedition, adaptability is the key. Try to carry light accessories like three to four batteries, a light tripod, and an ND/Polarising filter. Taking just two lenses with you will be more than enough, and it will save you from the hassle of changing your lenses all the time. In our opinion, a telephoto zoom lens and a wide-angle lens will cover almost every subject. At the end of the day, if you don’t plan your luggage correctly, none of our other tips from the top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography list will come handy.

The composition is the key

When taking pictures, the composition is the mother of all tricks. But, what exactly is a good composition? Well, there isn’t a fix definition or specific parameters for it. However, while taking pictures of landscapes, especially the peaks, make sure that allocate enough time looking for a suitable foreground element and maintain focus from the foreground. Also, walk an extra mile to go full and capture the complete scene in one frame.

Moreover, you can look for small vignettes with the larger view to look for new perspectives. There you go, our only technical top for now for top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography

Chase storms and clouds

In the Himalayans, the sky changes super quickly and dramatically in a matter of seconds due to the unpredictable weather condition. Thus, it is imperial to choose the right time to capture photos. Many of you might think that a sunny day will give you the best pictures ever. Well, that isn’t exactly wrong. But, on a cloudy day, have you ever looked into the sky and noticed the looming grey clouds? Also, the unique silver lining to each cloud? Next time, chase the storm, wind, and mist. Pay attention to dramatic cloud formations, rainbows, sunsets, and sunrises. It will help you add a beautiful variation in your pictures. We think this one is the most unusual and exciting tip from our top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography blog.

A tip: when you are not sure about the weather conditions, ask a local and try getting a forecast.

Watch your timing

This fifth from our top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography is one is a no-brainer, isn’t it? Although, many trekkers take it for granted. A sure-shot way to get awesome pictures is to wake up at the crack of dawn and to be on a watch out for the first ray of sun. After all, early birds will take home all the worms and great photos! Likewise, sunsets give you the best lighting shots. So, maybe, stay outside a little more during your next trek.

Keep your head high

As beautiful as the Himalayans are, they can also be very demanding and challenging. Sometimes, it can take a toll on your body and mind. At times, you can trek for hours and hours and the clouds will roll in just in time to obscure the views. On top of that, the risks of altitude sickness are always there. So, on days that will make you question your choice to come so far, make sure to keep your head high and look forward. Always wear a positive attitude and have fun. That’s our last tip for you from our top 6 tips to take stunning mountain photography blog.

Lastly, if you can’t climb the mountain itself, what’s the next best alternative to takes stunning photos of it? The foothills of the mountains, of course. Check our list of best base camp treks to decide where to go next for awesome views and awesome pics! 

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