When to Trek in Nepal – Know the Nepalese way

When to trek in Nepal

Travelling to Nepal for trekking is easy for every holiday aspirers out there. It is logistically easy and your trek can start from the very next day you reach Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. But before you decide on where to trek, the real question is “when”. So, when to trek in Nepal ?

Some of our friends along the journey say that springtime is the best but our friends are usually hippies. (If you are reading this, we are so sorry Mathew!). Mathew might be correct but all our readers might have some busy schedule of your own and cannot visit Nepal in spring.

The balance of the three components is a must when coming for a trek in Nepal.

The period of the best (months), region you will be trekking and the traffic (crowd) in the area.

Here, we have categorised the months for when to trek in Nepal.


                                       October to November

These two months are the dawn of an excellent trekking season. Monsoon is at its end, and so starts the sunny October. Furthermore, the dry season makes it easy to trek during this season.

However, the trek route will be swarmed with fellow trekkers in the popular destinations such as Everest base camp and Annapurna circuit. Although there might be soft drizzle in some parts of your trek, it’s not much to worry about.

The nights might be cold but so take some warm clothes with you. As always, we insist that you bring a lot of socks during your trek in Nepal. Even though this blog is when to trek in Nepal but we advice you to take extra socks while trekking is a must.


December to February

Although it is a suitable time as a trekking month, this time of year is a bit cold for some high pass treks in Nepal. The month of December is an appropriate one but the winter in Nepal starts from the ending of February. So if you want to tick off that trekking bucket list of yours, finish it before February.

Also, the likes of Everest base camp, Thorong La pass and the upper Dolpo regions will be a test of endurance in this season.

Also, the tea houses close at the end of January in most altitude regions. Better luck next season.


March to May

Some say that this time is the best to trek in Nepal as the winter will be at its near. During this time, the rhododendrons fill the forests alongside the birds that will sing on your arrival. Well, you might be thinking (This guy is exaggerating things a bit), but you will see for yourself when you get on that trail.

The end of may will be the end of this season due to the hot, humid and dusty. Despite the humidity and scorching sun, you can still go for the trek in May.


June to September


This is the harvesting time of farmers in Nepal so expect lots and lots of rain in this period. Monsoon is at your doorstep, and the trails are slippery at this time. So plan on visiting the Mustang region and Dolpo region as they are dry during this time of the year. The lodges will be open in these regions.


Our final note to our readers

Honestly, if you want to know when to trek in Nepal then learn the Nepalese calendar. Get a Nepalese calendar or google it and then you know when to trek in Nepal. These calendars start from Baisakh month (i.e. March-April) and have the same no.of months just like the English calendar. Baisakh is the time of spring, so we recommend you to go for trek during this time of year. Also, that one time when you thought I was exaggerating, (Baisakh is the season).

As for other Nepali months to know when to trek in Nepal, we will leave the Nepalese Calendar link below so that you know seasons in Nepalese way.



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