Homestay in Nepal – The Joys of Homestay

A typical Gurung homestay

You are heading to Nepal for the mountains, right? But, what if we tell you that there’s more to Nepal than the just Himalayas. We are sure that the culture, traditions, language and of course cuisine will be in your mementoes while in Nepal. To get all these combos in a nutshell, we recommend you for the Homestay in Nepal – the joys of Homestay in Nepal.


Without further ado, let’s see what homestay in Nepal has to offer fellow travellers.

New for you, but centuries-old Culture

Nepal has more than 125 ethnic communities with 123 different languages. Every ethnic caste has their own culture which dates back to centuries long. So you will get to experience a new for you but a centuries-old culture of your host family. Ethnic caste groups have established themselves in their particular region in Nepal. The Gurungs have nested the western periphery in the Annapurna base camp region, Newars in the Central, Sherpas in the eastern and many more! Your homestay in Nepal will surely broaden your horizon on how Nepalese family live together in Nepal. You will get your fair share of joy in celebrating Nepali festivals. What more can you ask for?

Love for the Nepali Cuisine

We know several expatriates who love Nepali cuisine and probably addicted to it now. The regular meal of Dal, Bhat and Tarkari is the favourite of all. The moment your hosts serve the meal; you might wonder how much rice do these people consume? There’s a saying in Nepal, Dal-Bhat Power / Twenty-four hour. The rich contents in your Plate will comprise Dal(lentil), Bhat(Rice), Curry, Pickle, Spinach, salad and more. Dal and Rice is the main course of every ethnic group in Nepal but let’s discuss something more specific.

Newari cuisine is one of the favourite lunch of all in a homestay. Newars have been known for creating delicacies which burst with the rich taste for the tongue. The dishes made mostly from the Buffalo meat is a pure gem in the cuisine list of Nepal. The use of special masalas in making Choyela, Baara, Chatamari and hundred more dishes will leave you asking for more.  The Newari cuisine is rich in variety and taste which one should try during their homestay in Nepal.

(If you want to take the recipe of Choila back to your country, then check out our making choila at home.)

Apart from Newari, there are several dishes which Nepalese homestay offer. Dwell in, and you will be addicted (just like that other Kuire). JK

Your are Spending for a cause

There is no denying that Nepal is listed in the third world country. This enlistment is a fact and can be a hard pill to swallow for every Nepalese. The tourism sector has been one of the most important pillars of economic upliftment in national and the local level. Your homestay in Nepal will undoubtedly be a help to the local communities. The community is always more than happy to see guests from abroad visiting their homes. Make sure you carry a load of sweets for the children as they seem to orbit around foreigners for sweets. Don’t feel agitated, they are just kids, dear.

Everlasting bonding with the host

Hosts are much different than your usual hotel manager. Hosts in Nepal are humble enough to know what to offer when you are in need of assistance. Converse with your host and get to know their family and culture. You might mind us for saying, but people in Nepal are extrovert and will share their personal experiences which can take you by surprise. The joyous hosts are often the best ones. If you are travelling in Nepal during the grand festival in Dashain, then you are in for a show. Dashain is the most magnificent festival in Nepal which is followed by Tihar. For knowing what’s Dashain and Tihar festival, check out Dashain and Tihar in Nepal.

The homestay in Nepal- joys of homestay has been our privilege to write about as it’s at the grassroots level we are trying our blog to bring change in Nepal’s tourism sector. Hope you have enjoyed reading. Happy homestay Saathi!

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