Best Heritage Hotels under Budget in Kathmandu

Best Heritage hotels under budget in Kathmandu

The Kathmandu Valley you see on postcards and travel websites isn’t exactly accurate, unfortunately. Today, it is no more the fabled Himalayan Shangri-La it was a few decades ago. The West’s influence has transcended every aspect of the city. But, this Nepalese capital is still endlessly fascinating. Even people like us, who have lived in Kathmandu for several years, are often surprised.  Surprised by the magnitude of heritage and culture that stems from this city. Luckily, there are several best heritage hotels under budget in Kathmandu. Yes, you read that right!

No, you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience the authentic Nepalese hospitality coupled with western luxuries you are accustomed to. If you want to, check our list of the absolute best heritage hotels in Kathmandu. But hey, that doesn’t mean the hotels from our best heritage hotels under budget in Kathmandu are any less. Check them out below:

Hotel Traditional Comfort

At Hotel Traditional Comfort, Nepali tradition and modern comforts merge perfectly. Anyone entering this red-brick building in Kamal Pokhari will be mesmerised by the beauty of it. The hotel follows the much favourite Newari design and architectural principles. In just a few years, Traditional Comfort is now one of the best heritage hotels under budget in Kathmandu.

If you are looking for an authentic Nepali experience and stay, we recommend this hotel. It has 36 rooms under seven different categories. You can choose from a double-bed king room to simple, standard rooms. Irrespective of the kind, every room features hand-made and hand-printed linens and locally hand-made furniture. Moreover, they also give away the beautiful views of the beautiful Kamal Pokhari pond.

Furthermore, the hotel also offers a wide array of other facilities. It houses a beautiful library and cosy lounge rooms to spend your evenings. Likewise, there is also an in-house bar and restaurant where you can choose from a great selection of food and drinks. On a clear day, you can have great views of the Kathmandu valley from the terrace restaurant. Well, we hope that will justify why Traditional Comfort is our list of best heritage hotels under budget in Kathmandu.

Hotel Himalayan Horizon

Okay, this one isn’t inside Kathmandu Valley. It’s in Dhulikhel, a beautiful town that’s just about an hour’s drive away from the capital. But, without a doubt, the distance is worth it. For decades, the hotel has been providing excellent comfort and luxury in a beautiful geographical and cultural setting. Also, the view of the Himalayans from here is just amazing.

The hotel’s architecture beautifully blends Newari and Tamang heritage of the local people. From ornately carved wooden windows to beautiful Buddhist gardens, Himalayan Horizon is a treat for the eyes. Although we don’t know the exact number of the rooms, the hotel offers standard and deluxe rooms. Like other three-star hotels, it also provides standard facilities like a minibar and so on. But, what sets it apart from other hotels in the region is that every room features a balcony that offers stunning views of the central mountains.

Himalayan Horizon has three main restaurants including a terraced eatery. It also has a cosy, homely café known as the Matina Café. You can enjoy your breakfasts in the terrace garden restaurant from where you can see mountains including the Annapurna in the west and the Everest in the east. Finally, it also has a big, infinity swimming pool that directly overlooks the green countryside.

Kantipur Temple House

This beautiful Newari-style boutique is in Jyatha, near the Kathmandu Durbar Square. There are several reasons for why we have featured it in our best heritage hotels under budget in Kathmandu list, but the hotel’s beautiful architecture is the number one reason. It seamlessly merges elegance, luxury, and tradition to create a perfect heritage setting for a vacation.

The hotel offers 40 rooms including executive and deluxe suites. Every single room is furnished and decorated with locally handmade materials. As a result, you will feel as if you are living in a heritage home, not a hotel. If you don’t believe us, head to the hotel’s website and check the photos yourself!

Kantipur Tempe House has three different restaurants including the exotic Garden Restaurant. The restaurant is set in a peaceful setting and features carved stone spouts and beautiful flowers. You can also indulge yourself in the Rooftop Terrace Garden that offers a panoramic Himalayan view on a cloudless day. Also, the hotel’s location will make it very easy for you to explore the Kathmandu Durbar Square and older parts of Kathmandu on foot! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Heritage Bhaktapur

If you are somebody keen about the Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur requires no introduction. As soon as you step into the city, you will feel as if you have entered a medieval period. And, we can confidently say that Heritage Bhaktapur encapsulates the best of Bhaktapur and its beauty within the hotel’s premises. In addition to being one of the best heritage hotels under budget in Kathmandu, the hotel is also among CNN’s top 5 responsible hotels.

The first deluxe heritage hotel in Bhaktapur, it features intricate architecture from Malla, Rana, Newari, and Mithila culture. Although we are not sure about the exact number of rooms, there are seven different categories. Here too, you can choose from double-bed King-size rooms to standard rooms. Each room features beautiful antique furniture that has been sourced from old Newari households. The rooms are so pretty that our description won’t justify their beauty. You can check out the photos on their website yourself!

P.S The hotel’s entrance is retrieved from a 400-year-old palace. Props for that! If you are planning to stay in Bhaktapur, we most certainly recommend Hotel Heritage Bhaktapur. After all, it has made it to our list of best budget hotels under budget in Kathmandu. 😛

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